What to expect in Dwelling Places

Blogs tend to be living documents and I plan to let this one evolve over time but here are some of the types of content you can expect to see in the near future:

Place Descriptions

A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes words can create an image as well a camera or paints.  These are descriptions of some of my favorite places in the literature I’ve loved since childhood.  Expect excerpts from science fiction, fantasy, children’s literature and the classics.

Opinion Posts / Rants

Why have a blog if you don’t have any opinions about anything.  I have plenty of strong feelings about the field of architecture, the built environment and the world in general to share.


Buildings, Designers and Books that I like and you should too.  I’ll try to back up my choices with some good reasons … or at least some good images so that you, gentle reader, are well equipped to draw your own conclusions.


These posts might be related to architectural history or building typology, construction materials or the occasional vocabulary word.

Where I’m Coming From

I guess this post falls into the “Where I’m Coming From” category.  I always like to know a little about the background of the bloggers – and other authors – I read regularly.  Every now and then (probably more often in the early days) I’ll throw in a post specifically about my history or philosophy so that you’ll be able to recognize how much it is embedded in all the rest of the content.


I am a habitual collector of quotations and have a collection many years in the making.  This will be a venue for those pertaining to architecture.  To begin with I’ll stick to brief, manifesto type statements from some of the 20th century greats, compliments of my first year graduate architectural theory course with Tom Fisher and expand out from there as needed.  The more all-caps sentences, exclamation points and fiery rhetoric the better.  There are so many of these I think it will be a weekly fixture.  How do Saturdays work for you?

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