Modernism: is it a tad bleak?

Jody Brown over at Coffee With an Architect threw out this poser recently:  how can you tell the difference between a modernist and a convicted felon? They are, perhaps more similar than they are different.  Here are some highlights from his list:

1.     His room is spare, clean, and well lit.

7.     Out his window, he can see a harsh, rocky bluff.

13.   His stay here has completely ruined his finances.

15.   Since he’s been here, no one has come to visit.

16.   Although they still love him, his family doesn’t understand what he did to end up here. They don’t understand why he chose to live this way. Where did they go wrong?

18.   Every morning, he sits upright in his bed, waits for his eyes to adjust to the light, and then slowly, almost reluctantly, swings his legs over the edge of the bed and steps onto the hard, cold concrete floor, solemnly starting another day.

Enjoy the complete list here.

One response to “Modernism: is it a tad bleak?

  1. It’s all about balance, isn’t it?
    I write this, having just spent the night in a B&B where there were so many objects in the room (mostly ruffly and olde)that I can hardly squeeze myself and my suitcase into the mix.
    I have not yet found the perfect balance, but I’m still working at it. It won’t be a dresser topped with dust catchers, and it won’t be slab of bare concrete, either.

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