We demand from the architects

“We demand …

“From the architects … conciousness of the artistic task of architecture, more consideration of the social, economic and technological developments connected with their work, elimination from the profession of the evils of brokerage and speculation.”

Max Bacher

Wilfried Beck-Erlang

Walter Belz

Sigfreid Heiber

Hans Kammerer

Hans Luz

Werner Luz

Gerhard Schwab

from the exhibition “Heimat, Deine Hauser” in Stuttgart, 1963

3 responses to “We demand from the architects

  1. Ha! Well this was cut from a long list of demands directed toward all parties involved in building. I’m sure if they’d been focusing specifically on architects they would have come up with a longer list of demands. Or at least added a few more after they freed the first batch of hostages.

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