Parallel Pavilions

I think it was Le Corbusier who said that good architects borrow and great architects steal.  (I wonder in which group he classed himself.)  And he took that line from Picasso anyway.  I was reminded of it again a few weeks ago when I saw this project listed as an award winner for the Wood Works award for innovative design.

I was actually stopped in my tracks as I walked by the poster because the building – a pavilion in the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago – reminded me so strongly of this Rural Studio design which I saw under construction in 2007.

The construction method is much simpler (less expensive) but I think there’s some clear design heritage here!  So what do you think?  Is the design lent or stolen … or a total coincidence?

2 responses to “Parallel Pavilions

  1. Interesting… because I always thought the Rural Studio project was an iteratioin (aka, rip-off) of Pier Luigi Nervi’s Orvieto Aircraft hangers in Italy, built 70 years prior.

  2. It’s so funny, I actally saw this pavilion on the architects web site and said to myself ‘Where have I seen this before?’ … then I remembered Le Corbusier’s pavilion… did a search and immediately found this blog. Ironically, the reason I was searching the architect’s site in the first place was because I remember the firm’s call for applications years ago… and they specifically asked for web sites… I hesitated to give them my info because I always suspected they fished applicant’s web sites for ideas… well I guess my concerns were valid. Congrats Rural Studio for a delightful design!

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