Dangers of Thinking in Plan

Since I live downtown and work in the scenic countryside I have a 20 minute reverse commute that takes me out of town past La Crosse’s not-so-scenic strip mall strip. Its almost made up for by the laugh I get every time I focus on this apartment block just at the edge of town. 

Here’s my own daily moment of Zen:

Do you see what I see?  Lets have a closeup:

Oh, thinking in plan, how much trouble you can cause.

And in case you miss it the first time there’s always a next chance because they built four of these beauties in a row!

In other news – I’m thinking of trying to occasionally do my commute by bike this summer.  Its only 12 miles and so I’ve been working my legs (and seat) up to the task gradually over the last few weeks.

2 responses to “Dangers of Thinking in Plan

  1. It almost looks like part of a Celtic pattern. Do you think I could get that on my house?

  2. I want to know how many F-bombs were dropped by the framers as they tried to build that! Though my guess is there were some stock trusses involved…

    Fun post! Hope you are well! And as for the biking, go for it!

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