For Example: Really Tiny


To continue the small theme I want to highlight this NY Times feature from earlier this month – a 6 1/2 foot deep apartment building.  In many ways this apartment is a perfect example of Susanka’s Not So Big ideal.  The owner wanted a place in Paris and wanted to craft it perfectly to his specifications.  The small scale didn’t bother him as it provided a challenge and the opportunity to really splurge on the details.  Its not really my style of interior decor but I love the concept of being thrilled with a tiny jewel box space and I appreciate that the Times chose to feature the project.

AS a designer, Kein Cross is pretty good at estimating space, and when he saw the 18th-century courtyard house in Paris in an ad, he knew it was small — maybe 9 or 10 feet deep.

But walking into it on a rainy day in January, Mr. Cross realized his estimate was far too optimistic. The house, which he would later describe to friends in New York as a carriage house, was a respectable 19 feet wide, but from front to back it was only 6 1/2 feet. The living room, minus the area taken up by a stairway, was less than 4 feet deep — were Mr. Cross to stand in it, arms outstretched, he could easily touch both walls. The kitchen was so tiny there wasn’t room to open the oven.

Mr. Cross’s reaction?

“Wow! It was like God sent this to me,” he said, ebullient as a soufflé. “Regardless of how small it is, you have two floors and a stairway, so you can create light and space. I was so excited, I told them I would pay three years in advance.”

Check out the rest of the article and a slide show of interior images here!

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