Places: the Burrow (again)

If it wasn’t clear from my strategically timed Harry Potter reference last Thursday, I am a bit of an HP fangirl.  I love the books.  I enjoy the movies.  Yes, I was at a midnight showing of Deathly Hallows II.  And I just feel like keeping the fun alive a bit longer by focusing on how delightful the Wizarding World is – this time according to the films.  The design team has, from the very beginning, done a fantastic job on these. I particularly love the way they imagined the Weasley home.

The Burrow is the family home of Harry’s friend Ron Weasley, his parents, his sister and his five older brothers.  It is pretty much a perfect fit with my definition of coziness.  Clearly using magic in the construction of their homes allows wizards to get away with all sorts of construction “don’ts.”  In this cool climate, Ron’s room is an attic which appears to be uninsulated – you can see the rafters and roof decking in the back corner of this shot.

From the exterior it looks like it was originally a two room cottage (Arthur and Molly’s original home) which had extra rooms added upwards as needed when their family expanded.  None of the windows match and they didn’t bother to change the original hipped roof when the added above it – just put down a few odd columns to support the upper floors.  The main floors are the essence of British hominess – cluttered with mis-matched furniture, and exposing the rough hewn beams in the walls.

One response to “Places: the Burrow (again)

  1. I love the Weasley’s home. And I love the tent they borrow for the world quiditch cup.
    What a lovely fantasy to have so much more room inside than the exterior footprint indicates. We could have used a little of that magic while designing our little place.

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