Definition of Architecture

Once again I am indebted to Jody Brown of Coffee with an Architect for this piece of delicious Archi-humor.  He writes:

“I can’t believe I’ve written this blog for over a year and never bothered to define Architecture. A glaring ommission to be sure. Perhaps I could get some help on this one? What’s a good definition of “Architecture”?

“Architecture (noun): the act of artfully placing complex forms in remote locations to be photographed for magazine covers.

“Architecture (noun): the memory of that which could have been, that is invoked by the residual form remaining after extensive value engineering.

“Architecture (noun): Public disinterest derived from a combination of self importance and greed.

“Architecture (noun): The compromise arrived at by the client and the designers after the president of the firm and the client played golf yesterday.

“Architecture (noun): The hard metallic other shell surrounding confused school children pointing at the large early period Calder mobile hanging from the ceiling.

“Architecture (noun): The space between 4 or more glass walls, wherein wealthy people shower.

“Architecture (noun): Profession wherein ones salary is amusing to the majority of other professionals.

“Architecture (noun): The homes that hipsters admire.

“Architecture (noun): Structure approved by banks.

“Architecture (noun): The touch, the feel of titanium. The fabric of our lives.

“Architecture (noun): creativity plus financing minus creativity

“Architecture (noun): The solid form of angst.”

 Those are his suggestions.  At this point (in the day and in my life) I don’t even want to try to define “architecture.”  That might just be because I’m playing phone tag with a recalcitrant building inspector, though.  What are your thoughts, Gentle Readers?

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