Barton Cottage Materiality

This weekend I watched Masterpiece’s latest adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, which was delightful on a number of levels.  This isn’t the forum for a movie review (although it is great and you should see it) but I did want to feature their interpretation of Barton Cottage, which is nearly as much a character as any of the people in the story.

But plot aside its a beautiful visual work by director, John Alexander, and director of photography, Sean Bobbitt.  The story centers around a family who is forced to move from a life of almost grandiose luxury to reletive penury in this building – Barton Cottage.   Credit is also due to whoever scouted and prepared the location because they obviously shot the Barton scenes in an existing building.  It might be challengingly small and simple to the Dashwood sisters and their mother but it looks absolutely idyllic to me.   I love the way it is tucked into the hillside, just under the road.  The small, deep set but plentiful windows and white painted interiors try to balance between insulating and protecting the house and filling it with enough natural light. 

The interior materiality is so beautiful – a delicate combination of textures on plaster, paneling and simple painted boards.  Feast your eyes.

One response to “Barton Cottage Materiality

  1. It’s called Blackpool Mill Cottage and it is on the north coast of Devon near Hartland Point on the Hartland Abbey Estate. On Google Maps:,-4.529243&spn=0.002653,0.004753&t=h&z=18
    The porch on the front and the dormer windows on the roof are fakes added for the filming. The interiors were filmed in a studio and are quite different to the real interiors.
    BTW, although I had ever thought of it, you are right about the cottage being a character – far more so than the house (Efford House) not cottage used for the Ang Lee version of S&S.

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