Say it with me – an architect.

My apologies for the unannounced posting hiatus.  Real life is such a drag sometimes.  Or other times its too much fun to allow for blogging.  This last week has been a bit of both. Sorry.

Here’s a fun confirmation of my complaint about movies using “architect” as a lazy stand in for character development back in April.

Mindy Kaling, actress and writer on The Office, meditates humorously on her love for the RomCom genre which she compare to science fiction for its unrealistic situations and characters: “For me, there is no difference between Ripley from “Alien” and any Katherine Heigl character. They are equally implausible.”  She breaks down the ridiculous “types” of RomCom heroines brilliantly.  I’ve included only this last but highly recommend that you click over to the Atlantic website and read the rest of the piece!

“The Woman Who Works in an Art Gallery

How many freakin’ art galleries are out there? Are people buying visual art on a daily basis? This posh/smart/classy profession is a favorite in movies. It’s in the same realm as kindergarten teacher or children’s-book illustrator in terms of accessibility: guys don’t really get it, but it is likable and nonthreatening.

Art Gallery Woman: “Dust off the Warhol. You know, that Campbell’s Soup one in the crazy color! We have an important buyer coming into town, and this is a really big deal for my career. I have no time for this!”

The Gallery Worker character is the rare female movie archetype that has a male counterpart. Whenever you meet a handsome, charming, successful man in a romantic comedy, the heroine’s friend always says the same thing: “He’s really successful. He’s”—say it with me—“an architect!”

There are, like, nine people in the entire world who are architects, and one of them is my dad. None of them look like Patrick Dempsey.

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