Solar Decathlon: First Light

Reading about the Solar Decathlon competition this year, I was intrigued by the group which came all the way from New Zealand to participate.  The team from Victoria University of Wellington named their project First Light “because New Zealand is the first place morning light shines at the start of a new day.”

The house is modeled on the traditional bach (pronounced “batch”) which is a self-built get away cottage that dots the coasts and wild areas of New Zealand.  Playing to local strengths they have insulated it in 10″ of recycled sheep’s wool.

Check out their excellent website which details all of the design features as well as their process and team.  In a recent blog post about getting the building set up on the Mall in Washington they show this image and then say:

“We are all feeling a great deal of relief and pride in the house and can’t wait to show it off to the US public in a few days time and put the house through its paces in the contests. The biggest challenge for the tours will be making sure they understand our accents!”

Speaking of accents, you might also enjoy listening to the design explained by one of the team in an adorable kiwi accent:

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