Architects Design Chairs

Its a well known fact that architects  like to design chairs.  I have not yet designed a chair, but then I’m not quite an architect yet.

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I only mention this because … it may come up again in a post soon.

Hopefully your holidays were excellent.

3 responses to “Architects Design Chairs

  1. It’s not surprising that architects like to design chairs. A proper chair is a sort of dwelling. It is a structure that supports the human form and it’s activities. The quest for the perfect chair is a worthy one.

  2. Unfortunately, many of the examples shown are interesting visually but are far from ergonomic (speaking as someone who avoids chairs whenever possible, and jury-rigged a standing workstation at the last day job). The larger difficulty is the number of situations in which people are forced to sit for prolonged periods… which isn’t natural from any point of view (socially, physiologically…)

    • I agree wholeheartedly with both of you – a good chair is worth its weight in gold considering how much of the modern lifestyle is spent in one. And many architect designed chairs are much more interesting than useful. Check back tomorrow for further commentary on the subject!

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