Quasi-architectural Art

When I ran across art piece by Phoebe Washburn (via New Scenery, New Noise) on the internet, I thought about using it in a post about reuse of materials, or a commentary on the cut off ends ot 2x4s that are a by product of conventional construction or even one on how much I still like 2x4s from an aesthetic point of view even though they are fatally flawed from an environmental perspective … but in the end I couldn’t help simply drawing a visual comparison between this and several other quasi architectural art pieces that I love to zone out while staring at:

Hopefully you will also enjoy the sensation:

Patrick Dougherty via Modernica


Where the Wild Things Are, Set  by KK Barrett via Drawing a Blank


And of course, the inimitable Andy Goldsworthy, via Google

One response to “Quasi-architectural Art

  1. I like the way that these shift from creatures to assemblages of materials to, well, architecture, and sometimes occupy all three categories at once. Great post.

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