The Road Less Travelled By

This photo shows a view I saw every day on my commute to work over the last four years.  I’d be speeding down Ten Mile Hill along Hwy 14 at the end of the day but nearly every time, I’d glance over at country road MM on my left and think how beautiful that hillside looked.  I often thought of the line from the Frost poem in that context.  It seemed like a metaphor for all the unexplored options in my life.   Well, I’ve decided to explore it a little further.

Two months ago I gave notice at work and last week I quit my job and am now embarked on a plan to do some of the travelling that I’ve been longing for the last few years.  I’ve spent this last week with my parents in Mineral Point (a post will be forthcoming on all its scenic glory) and next week will check in with my sister in Chicago.  Next stop Seattle and then San Francisco.  In January I plan to head abroad on an as-yet-undisclosed itinerary.

Lest I take this venture too seriously, I have Ryan North’s interpretation of the lofty Frost poem, to keep my sense of humor about it.  However this plan turns out I guess I’ll just tell people I took the more indie one.

3 responses to “The Road Less Travelled By

  1. Very best of luck in your next endeavors. I confess myself envious–such an adventure is not in the cards for me just now–but wish you safe travels, and hope to see more updates here.

  2. Grand things lay ahead, especially in Seattle. I know a woman or three who will love to see you. Have fun on the indie road….

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