Sonoma county, CA

The friend I visited in San Francisco is a buddy from junior high and high school.  We played in the orchestra and were robotics nerds together and when we graduated we both planned to go into engineering.  I didn’t stick with it (yes I am a female engineering school drop out statistic) but he did and he’s been in the Stanford aerospace department on and off for most of the last decade.  Not surprisingly he’s quite busy these days and it happened that they only weekend we could both hang out is the annual wine tasting event that his friends always attend.  So I went along for the ride and had a blast while confirming that I am not, in point of fact, all that into wine.  I did LOVE the wine landscape, however.  The rolling valleys set out in curving linear patterns of grape vines and the beautiful tasting buildings were stunning and the day was lovely.  I would go back and do it again in a heart beat!

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