Toldeo, Spain

I spent the day in Toledo where I walked until (and after) my feet were sore and took 347 pictures.  In the face of that number and also of my extreme tiredness this is going to be a mostly gallery post.  I particularly enjoyed the pattern of brick and stone which appeared in walls all over the city and in buildings both new and old.  I think (from a few plaster buildings there were) that most of these walls would originally have been covered over with plaster to disguise the structure and all I can say is that I’m glad they’ve not maintained it.  I also fell in love with the rock retaining walls everywhere, some with bits of brick infill, some just blasted hillside.  Its midnight and I am too tired to wax poetic so I’ll just leave you with my collection of this-is-a-crazily-narrow-street photos.  The sign indicates that the street is less than 2m.

3 responses to “Toldeo, Spain

  1. Glad you had a good flight. I see a lot of carpet and wall covering patterns in the stone wall and streets. Thanks for sharing your excellent trip and doing all the design leg work for me.

    • Always glad to share (and inspire). I feel the same way about the stone walls – I can’t stop photographing them. KJ could tell you horror stories about my photo collection of brick walls from the last time I was in the netherlands and france and this time I have no one to roll their eyes and stop me!

  2. Love the pictures! I feel like I am going to see the places you visit through a very different set of eyes and I am excited to do so. Ah the Spaniards and their crazy narrow streets…reminds of a place…ah yes! Mexico

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