Nimes, France

Nimes, where I spent a lovely afternoon on my way from Girona to Marseille, is a city that takes its Roman heritage seriously. The whole place is either classical or neo-classical, seemingly, and it has several really fine Roman buildings, the aforementioned coliseum (colloseum), a broken tower from the old roman wall and a lovely temple building, the Maison Carrée  well worth its civic pride.  Its also the whitest city I’ve ever seen or heard of – building wise. I probably only saw four or five colored buildings in the whole old city. This seems to be a nod to its classical origins – ironic because in roman times all the white marble would have been brightly colored. Still, its a lovely effect.  It was a stunningly bright day for a photographic ramble and I sincerely appreciated all three featured time periods: the roman ruins, the 19th century neoclassical buildings and avenues  and the modernist interventions which have been jauntily placed to offset the historic sites.

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