Genova Nervi and Camogli, Italy

After such an intensive city museum day I decided to get out of Dodge and go see the countryside around Genova.  I started by taking the bus to the seaside suburb of Genova Nervi.  This seems to be the summer get away for the rich and the famous of several centuries ago and everyone now.  Many of the stately homes of yore have now been turned into museums which border a lovely public park along the water side.  I used the rest of my city museum pass to visit a few of them, strolled in the park, ate lunch on a bench and then hopped on a train to Camogli a few towns further down the coast line.

Camogli is an abbreviation of Casa di mogli – or house of the wives – which was a traditional fisherman city and is now a picturesque vacation town.  Its built into incredibly steeply sloping hills and only two main roads run through the town – everything inbetween is steps and stairs and steeply sloping driveways.  I enjoyed the port views for an hour or so and then went hiking up into the hills trying to find a circular path that I’d seen on the map.  I never was able to find it, despite many false starts on things that SEEMED to be the path but weren’t but I did have some pleasant rambles into the countryside and found many lovely walking trails that didn’t lead anywhere in particular.  In the end I came back down to the city by the same path I’d gone up – along many stairs.  I sat by the harbor to watch the sun set and then caught the train back to Genova, tired and happy.


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