Ferrara, Italy

Here are the photographic results of a beautiful afternoon spent in Bologna’s major rival, Ferrara.  Only half an hour away by car, the two cities are completely distinct, culturally and historically.  While Bologna hangs onto its medieval heritage and its tradition of being a free city – with no one major power family as patron, Ferrara was supported by the family of Este who invested heavily to bring it into the Renaissance in the 15th century.  I strolled all around the city center with Leah and Raffe and then retired to a well known local restaurant for an amazing dinner of local foods.  I ate tortalloni (tortallini apparently always has meat in it – tortalloni can have cheese or, in this case, squash).  The second course was deep fried vegetables, apples and … custard which was astonishingly delicious and nothing I’ve ever seen at a midwestern state fair.  We returned to Bologna replete and happy and ready to set out for a weekend in Tuscany the next day.  Stay tuned for updates.

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