Lucca, Italy

Another walled city for my collection, Lucca was a lovely afternoon’s stroll.  I enjoyed the marble fronted churches, the roman circus turned into a piazza and lined with medieval houses, the art nouveau details (none of which I managed to photograph somehow) and the tower views!  I’m too tired to type more so … enjoy the imagery.

2 responses to “Lucca, Italy

  1. Hi Della,
    Oh, so glad you did stop in Lucca. We had such delicious dinners there, yet have no idea the names of restaurants. One was a tiny place, almost like a cellar, with vaulted ceiling. No one spoke English, they kept bringing courses and all were delicious.
    Malea was so ill while we were there.
    Your photos Della are exquisite. Please tell me the make/model of your camera.
    Happy Valentines Day! I’m taking Malea some fresh-right out of the oven cranberry bread shortly. I’m also sending you a hug now.

    • Charlotte, Thanks for the compliment. The camera is a Nikon S8100 – not too fancy but it does have a 10x optical zoom which I use constantly. I never use flash and don’t bother to carry a tripod – there’s usually a telephone pole or balustrade I can balance the camera on in low light conditions. When nothing else is handy I hold the camera against my forehead Of course the other secret to nice photos is to take many not so nice ones. I’m snapping something on the order of two hundred a day on this trip. Hooray for digital cameras!

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