Volterra, Italy

I overnighted at the home of a friend of a friend of a friend in the agricultural heartland of Tuscany   The house is a former French tax collectors outpost from the Napoleonic occupation and has been retrofit extensively by the current owner, Marco, to make it into a modern home.  All the rooms shown here were originally a wine cellar under the main house on the first floor and he added the metal staircase to provide an internal connection.


We drove through the stunning Tuscan countryside (pictures at the end of the post) to the village of Volturra, founded by Etruscans and made famous by Stephanie Meyer* (ack!).  The place was a fascinating mix of ages, Etruscan walls, reinforced by the Romans and repaired in the middle ages and now more recently modernized.  The ruins of both the Etruscan town center and the Roman theater and temple district have been left un-built up and are clearly visible.  The town is also notable for its alabaster and metal work and preserves a charming Medieval center from its fortified hill top.


Then, of course, was just the beauty of driving through Tuscany.  We stopped several times to take photos and once for a traditional (meaning LENGTHY) sunday lunch at a roadside restaurant.

*Volterra is the theoretical home of the Volturi – the ancient rival vampire clan which features in the later Twilight books.  The movie version was not filmed there, however, because the medieval streets were a little too historically accurate to get cameras and equipment into.

One response to “Volterra, Italy

  1. Della,
    I can not emphasize this enough….put your brakes on and slow way down and enjoy where you are. Tuscany is a gift from the gods to us, and there is nothing ahead that will compare.

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