Naples, Italy

I spent three nights in Napoli, but didn’t really get far under the city’s skin.  In as few words as possible, I was not charmed by the city.  I’ve generously chosen to use a picture of one of its neo-classical piazzas for the featured image in this post rather than a pile of decomposing trash on the sidewalk but it was a near thing.  I did wander around and find some beautiful spaces in Naples but they were all private spaces – courtyard, university building, library, palazzo, museum, even shopping galleria – the city streets were dirty, crowded and just a little scary particularly after dark.  I’ve never seen so much graffiti anywhere and it was by far the dirtiest city i’ve been to in the so-called first world.  Still, every place deserves its exploration – here are the things I chose to photograph from my few days in Naples.  I was happy to set off after just a few days for the exotic south and the island of Sicily.

2 responses to “Naples, Italy

  1. judging Napoli as dirty, messy and crowdy is like going to egypt to notice the similar issues without mentioning the huge history, archeological sites, natural beauties. What makes Napoli an unique city in the whole europe, is being closer to middle east, north africa and south america than to roma, milano, london, paris…With all issues and controversial problems it has still a huge identity and soul, not like any standardized european city

    • Thanks for your perspective. I agree that Napoli has a complex history and many strong cultural connections to places across the Mediterranean. I did, in fact, point out many of its interesting places and history in my photo captions. Its also quite fair to say I didn’t give the city a very long visit – I was only there for three days. However, when I said the city was dirty, crowded and a little scary, I meant it as a comparative personal impression. It seems dirtier, more crowded and scarier to me than all the other cities I have traveled through in Spain, France and Italy thus far. I certainly don’t think that those are its only qualities but that was my strongest impression after spending time there. I also enjoyed its food, admired its museums, churches and libraries and appreciated its rambling medieval streets. NB: I have yet to find a “standardized European city” in my travels; every place I have seen have had rich histories and complex identities.

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