Athens, Greece: around town

Naturally there is more to Athens than the Acropolis these days.  There’s quite a bit more since the city now holds 4 million people spread across a wide valley pretty much as far as the eye can see in mid rise 60’s era apartment buildings.  I didn’t scratch the surface of Modern Athens, although I saw a little of it on my way to several museums away from the center but I did spend a fair amount of time wandering the old city – the tourist area – with sinuously winding streets filled with cafes and shops which is spread around the foot of the acropolis.

I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to modern Athens.  Its unfair, I know, but one doesn’t visit that city to see its newest splendors.  The main modern architecture I paid any heed to is the subject of tomorrow’s post, the New Acropolis Museum.  But here’s a smattering of shots from the workaday city that most of the city’s residents inhabit.

What did grab my attention, despite not being the eponymous Greek ruins, was the (mostly) Byzantine era Greek orthodox churches.  The form was very consistent with red tiled dome roof, greek cross format, tall narrow windows, striped brick and stone exteriors, and stunning tile and fresco work inside.  Here are a few I particularly liked.

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