Izmir, Turkey

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey and might have been significantly more important to architectural history and the tourism business if it hadn’t suffered a terrible fire about a hundred years ago which wiped out a lot of its best buildings (or so we are told).  Still I had a lovely day there wandering around while my luggage reposed in a train station locker, before heading on to Selcuk that evening.  I enjoyed the contrast of shiny new city with rambling old town alley ways and I was really taken with its small but charming pair of museums (archaeology and ethnology).  Here’s my ramble in photos.

2 responses to “Izmir, Turkey

  1. Della,
    I’ve really been enjoying your post all the way since Italy. How much further are you going? What else is on the itinerary? What can I look forward to seeing photos of? Seems like a lot of fun, much more interesting than a desk. Cheers. sam

  2. Sam! So good to hear from you. My return ticket is for May 15th from Madrid so Turkey is as far east as I’ll go. I really am making up my itinerary as I go – the place where I spent the last two nights, for example, is a town I heard about and then decided to go visit in the space of about 45 minutes. However, I’m currently working on a plan to go to Egypt next. I’ll take a tour there to appease my nervous family back home. And then on to Morocco before crossing at Gibraltar to head back into Spain. That’s about as much as even I know about my plans so you’ll have to keep checking to see how it turns out.

    How have you been? Fellowship working out well? An email never goes amiss!

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