Underhill House

Underhill Night B1

I went home this weekend and marked a first – the first time that my sister and I came home from elsewhere to spend a family weekend in my parents’ new house.  It was a great visit and a little reminder that I have yet to put any images of Underhill on Dwelling Places.  Underhill was my final project completed with WholeTrees before I left to travel and also a full circle return to the very beginning of my employment with them.  I first met the WholeTrees team tagging along for a client interview with my parents in the spring of 2008.  Now the house they were dreaming of all those years ago is done and I’m proud to have been involved in nearly every step of its creation.  For a detailed view of its construction history you can visit my mother’s blog, Digging in the Driftless, for a series of posts on the building process.

Now complete and lived in for more than half a year, the house is feeling like a home and we’ve all settled into the process of being at home in it.

The Interior spaces haven’t all been tidied and photographed yet (notably the lower level) but here are a smattering.

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