Chicago Snap: River crossing, Brown Line


A Photo ….


… And a note: I haven’t been posting much lately – I fell behind and then got caught up in a bunch of fun but draining contract work for my beloved WholeTrees.  I realize I have made no real acknowledgement on Dwelling Places that I have recently moved to Chicago or that I LOVE this city and so many of its spaces and buildings.   So I’m going to try to lower the posting bar a little in the hopes of clearing it more often.  I’ve started a new category, Chicago Snaps, and I’m going to try posting in regularly – even if the post has nothing more than a photo with a little descriptive text.

This snap is one of my favorite city moments: crossing the Chicago river on the elevated train, the “L”, and looking at all of the beautiful industrial age bridges lining up.  It also contains one of the iconic Marina City towers – the dramatic 1960′s mixed use buildings which kicked off the American high-rise tower apartment craze.  Enjoy your Chicago moment of zen.

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