Chicago Snap: People Spot on Southport

20131008-140139.jpgThis little “People spot” or parking spot park on Southport is actually something I came across and smiled at way back in September but only just got around to posting.  I love the concept.  As an occasional driver, I’m always looking for a good street parking spot but even then I don’t love experiencing the city through a solid wall of parked cars.  As a pedestrian (and non-car owner) I LOVE it when the sidewalk edge is opened up in any way and thus am a big supporter of both these little parklets and of the new initiative to put bike and Divvy parking into street parking spaces.  Here’s the city of Chicago’s thought on the subject.  I’m a big fan of all of their Make Way for People initiatives.  There are a number of these around the city and I always approve.  Anyone else noticed good examples?

I also like the design of this particular installation.  The seats are surprisingly comfortable and don’t hold water or snow.  They also remind me of childhood craft projects to make dinosaur skeletons out of little wooden punch-out pieces.



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