Where the sidewalk is closed

20131110-090609.jpgI set out along my usual running route last week and almost immediately encountered this.  Fair enough.  I switched sides of the street and then was confronted with THIS.  


Make up your mind, sidewalk repair personnel.  Or at least put something over the “use other side” part of the sign.  Really its not that much of a bother but it does amuse.  Less so now that both signs and holes in the walk have been sitting around for nearly a week.  

Unrelatedly, the fall color in Chicago has been making me very happy lately.  

One response to “Where the sidewalk is closed

  1. Seems like a Rahman Emanuel attempt to provide a catch the inteligencia in a catch 22… Perhaps proving that the job market is in the entire region is improving faster than expected paving the way to a governorship…

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