Underhill Residence: Now it’s a Book!

underhill book 1

I want to draw everyone’s attention to this beautiful object, a blurb published book documenting the construction process for Underhill House, which I posted about back in September.  The book is really a labor of love, representing not only day to day commitment to experience as much of the construction process as possible by both my parents but the countless hours of collating and editing they devoted to boiling tens of thousands of photos down into a clear narrative of the house’s inception from first tree selected to last piece of trim.

Underhill book 2 underhill book 3 underhill book 4 underhill book 5

Check out the book here at Blurb.  There are previews available and its for sale if you’d like to have a copy for your very own.  Of course, if you’d like to view the process in even greater detail, trek on over to Denise Thornton’s blog, Digging in the Driftless for a plethora of posts on the subject.  Congrats, dear parents.

One response to “Underhill Residence: Now it’s a Book!

  1. Looked at the preview on Blurb. Fantastic. The book will be easier to scroll through than the website and will be fun to share. Your years of learning coming to fruition. Congratulations. Will be purchasing to give away clients.

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